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Wedding Flowers - Lets Get Started

Weddings can be overwhelming and lots of work.  That’s where I can step in and help.   With lots of knowledge and time spent working with flowers and clients I always look forward to creating a moment that is truly yours.  With the details of colors, textures and quality, that’s my specialty.  We hand design, personalize, and create exquisite floral design to fit your wedding personality. We like to think "outside the vase" by utilizing a wide selection of flowers. Flowers are picked from our own grown cutting gardens, or sourced though local growers and wholesalers.  Our job, is to bring your vision to life.  

So lets get started.....

Step 1: Submit Inquiry;  Fill out our wedding inquiry form to submit a consultation and or estimate.  There will be questions asking about your wedding in regards to style, color and theme. Below are some tips on how to describe your upcoming wedding or event.  It's best to try and have some of these details figured out before submitting an inquiry. 


Here are a few tips:

  • Select a style: When it comes to style; ask yourself how do you want to express your special day. Are you someone who likes a clean, simple and classic look?  Or are you someone who loves texture, movement and free form?
  • Color: Figure out your color palate. What color(s) will your bridal and groomsmen parties be wearing. From there work on the ceremony and reception. Once colors are selected then flowers can be chosen.
  • Overall Theme: Theme is different than style, and it is important. Ask yourself, is our wedding, rustic, chic, woodland, garden-like, modern, contemporary, elegant etc.  These all depict what type of flowers will be used to create the overall look of your wedding. 

Step 2: Let us put together your vision;  Once I have receive your inquiry we will either continue the conversation thru phone or  email, whatever is convenient for you.  If I need more information on your wedding, I will reach out.  Once I have all the information needed a very detailed visual estimate with be submitted to you within about a week. 

Step 3: Review; This is the time to review the estimate, we either converse back and forth thru email and or we set up a time to discuss over the phone. This conversation is to discuss the likes, dislikes, budget and any other thoughts.

Step 4: Save The Date; I like to have a basic outline of what your wedding flowers could look like. Once an estimate has been reviewed and edits have been made, we move forward to saving your date.  Not all the details are figured out at this moment, there is more time for that after you book with me.  To save your date, I ask for a 25% deposit and signed contract. Once your date is saved, we continue to work on the details of your wedding.    

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If you think we would be a great match for your wedding or event, lets connect  You can either email us at or fill our our wedding questionnaire to get the conversation started. 

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